YES! You will Supercede with sincere “Shelter” from your Storms

Superlative Shelter of Support to Surmount … and to Succeed



Live by Faith

♡Revisited:  Friday, 24 March♡  Hugs 2 yA

Everyday is a new opportunity to live the best life possible.  Endeavor to keep your head to the sky, your heart and mind focused on prayer, and to mentor and to uplift others.  Battles come for the multitudes in many diverse forms across a spectrum as broad as creation.  Without a doubt, some of us often think, “Can’t my life be just a little easier Heavenly Father”?

Seek to Cultivate Promise with wise accountability partners who can cover you and plant good seeds (words of faith) when you need the strength of others who Know the LORD our GOD.

Protect us Oh LORD as we navigate the order of the Battlefield of Life.  Cover us, particularly when we veer off the path of Purpose and find ourselves stumbling, falling asleep, waking up, and being led, happily by faith, out of a blind, self-imposed, extended stay in our wilderness.

Were you blind but now you see?   Run towards your Purpose and gather with those who have a vision for achievement and ascension.

Teach, guide, share, and forgive (especially yourself).

Endeavor to open your heart and mind to the magnitude of our divine gift of life.

Testimony:  Through the grace of time and healing and listening, I truly discovered the Bible (coupled with pure faith and positive actions) is a #1 guide and foundation for strong, confident, bold, talent, and humility to shine under the covering of divine favor.  The Parables, Ten Commandments, Psalms, … are intended to help protect us…  just as we strive to protect and defend ourselves, children, loved ones, strangers, etc.

May the Spirit of the Lord find Peace within the temple that covers each of us.

Good Night or Good Morning,

Remember to donate a hug or smile … ♡

I Hear Traffic

Early risers sounds and presence are heard on the pavement as they whizz past.  Adventures for the day are on my friends.  What’s on the Color Pallet for today’s unique, once in a lifetime, design that will only be available to us until the clock strikes midnight?  Make it good.   Have you decided?

Adventures Everyday My ♡

Happy Sensational Sunday!

Ok.  Put on your positive Spirit, mindset, quest for adventure, and let’s venture out to quench our thirst for excitement that appears around virtually every corner I turn.

Oh, don’t forget your comfy clothes, cushy sneaks or boots, camera, notepad, a few snacks with water snuggly packed in a small back pack.  We want to be fashionably prepared.

This initial test flight will feature a few pics of the Atlanta United FC Soccer team’s Inagural game at the, I am cramming for a test, jam packed, Georgia Tech, Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Fans were in full effect with chants, drums, and ear riveting cheers.  Parents hoisted miniature fans on their shoulders for better vantage points. 

ATL scored the first goal!  I missed the video capture!  The win was not to be ours; this time. 😣

Keep Ascending & Exploring!