Apr 2nd – United Way: Good Deeds Day

93 Countries Around the World Join United Way to Volunteer: *Good Deeds Day*

Volunteer Hugs to those you know (especially to those who are “allergic to germs”  😷) .  Volunteer free, inexpensive, smiles or kind words or kind gestures to those you may only encounter once in a lifetime.  Write a short note or send a card to someone you know is alone or isolated, a stay at home mom, a workaholic, your pastor, your physician, … Just because it is “Good Deeds Day”.

May Blessings, ✌, 💜💙, and Genuine Encouragement👏👍👊 stick to you  and follow you like the Omnipresent One all the days of your life.

Big Smile; even in traffic; promise to try, ok?


One thought on “Apr 2nd – United Way: Good Deeds Day

  1. A lady I knew liked this: I Can See Clearly Now, by Johnny Nash.
    ☆Let me be among the first to give thanks for the endless opportunities that were placed along my path in the physical manifestation of Good Deeds for others.
    ☆My new lease on life: thrust into reality; forced to share time alone with only me; finally, I Can See Clearly Now… I can recognize and appreciate my positive and selfless contributions. “Gotta love thy self”. Humility requires bold confidence. I/we, who profess Faith, must allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within our Temple in peace. How can we love others when/ if we do not honestly love ourselves?
    *Yes, it is ok to like me.*
    *Yes, it is ok to love me.*


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