A New Motto for A Worldwide Defender, Protector, and Strong Promoter of Leadership and Selfless Service

“Join The Team That Makes A Difference”

Make your impact professionally and personally


Can you guess the org behind the following motto? “It starts with a little”

Remember: “It Starts With A Little”

May we all exerience unparalled fulfillment (both given and received).

Keep your chin up, hold on to hope, dreams, aspirations, and that positive “Can Be Know Do” spiritual, physical, intestinal, and mental fortitude.

Prepare your fields now for the harvest you want in the future.  Believe!  I recently heard Steve Harvey mentoring from the place of this word, “Jump”.   Deep breath.  Hold on.  Plan in hand… Ready. Set. We did it…. We are doing it… right?  Call your Accountability Partner today.

Apr 2nd – United Way: Good Deeds Day

93 Countries Around the World Join United Way to Volunteer: *Good Deeds Day*

Volunteer Hugs to those you know (especially to those who are “allergic to germs”  😷) .  Volunteer free, inexpensive, smiles or kind words or kind gestures to those you may only encounter once in a lifetime.  Write a short note or send a card to someone you know is alone or isolated, a stay at home mom, a workaholic, your pastor, your physician, … Just because it is “Good Deeds Day”.

May Blessings, ✌, 💜💙, and Genuine Encouragement👏👍👊 stick to you  and follow you like the Omnipresent One all the days of your life.

Big Smile; even in traffic; promise to try, ok?

U. S. Department of Justice has a “Project Safe Childhood” Resource

Powerful Resource: Project Safe Childhood

Let us Partner with the Department of Justice to Eradicate any form of Exploitation and Obscenity aimed at any precious Child.  Please, do not turn your eyes or ears or tongue away from a child in dire need of “Project Safe Childhood”.  A life, means of escape, and fork in the road present/ future, may depend on you / us being courageous enough to act quickly and to report responsibly.   As for me, I am Immensely grateful to those who developed this Division and Project.  Powerful keys and tools are provided herein my Share, the Department of Justice, and by those, under the radar, who take action to protect and to help heal and to mentor a child everyday.  ♡ Them.